Parking NuBits

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Parking your NuBits will allow you to earn interest by removing your coins from circulation for a period of time that you specify. Parking interest rates are set by the NuShare holders, so they may change from day to day.

There is no way to undo parking

When you park NuBits they cannot be un-parked until the duration that you specified has ended.

To park your coins navigate to the “Park” toolbar item when looking at the NuBits wallet:

Fig %. – View of the NuBits toolbar.

The screen will show an informational table about coins which you have parked. If you don’t have any coins parked this table will be blank.

Fig %. – NuBits Wallet Parking Page.

To park coins click the “Park…” button at the bottom left of the park screen. You will see a menu where you can see park rates and park your NuBits.

Park rates are shown as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

When parking coins for less than a year you will have to manually covert the shown APR into a monthly or daily equivalent. An annual to monthly converter or the daily converter explained here can assist in understanding the displayed premium.

Fig %. – NuBits Wallet Parking Dialog.

On the right side of the parking menu the current annual interest rates will be displayed. On the left side of the menu is where you can set the number of NuBits to park, the approximate time you want to park, and the NuBits address your coins will be sent to when they are un-parked. The estimated premium is also displayed at the bottom showing the NuBits you will earn from interest at the end of the duration.

Parking transaction costs .01 NBT

Parking your coins will cost the regular NBT transaction fee of .01 NBT. Make sure your premium is larger than .01 NBT or you will be losing NBT.