NuBits Reddit Tipbot

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The NuBit Reddit Tipping bot is an easy way to help spread the word about NuBits and to show appreciation for a good post on Reddit. NuBits are ideal for this purpose as 1NBT = $1.

To get started with the bot you need to register by sending a PM to the nbtip user (/u/nbtip) with the text +register in the body of the message. After you receive your confirmation, you can send NuBits to the supplied address and start tipping.

Tipping is easy. In a post simply type +/u/nbtip to call the tipping bot, followed by a number. That number of NuBits will be sent to the main poster, or the user you are replying to. You can optionally include an @username to send directly to that user or any NuBit address to send to that address.


// Send 2 NuBits to the OP or the user you are replying to

+/u/nbtip 2

// Send 2 Nubits to user1

+/u/nbtip @user1 2

To make tipping more fun, you can specify a keyword instead of an amount. A full list of the keywords available as well as a fuller explanation of how the bot works is available on the Bots’ Wiki