Nu Client Commands

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nud [options] <command> [params] Send command to -server or nud

nud [options] help List commands

nud [options] help <command> Get help for a command

Command Description
-unit=S Pass the command to the NuShares RPC server
-unit=B Pass the command to the NuBits RPC server
-conf=<file> Specify configuration file (default: nu.conf)
-pid=<file> Specify pid file (default:
-gen Generate coins. DEPRECATED
-gen=0 Don’t generate coins
-min Start minimized
-splash Show splash screen on startup (default: 1)
-datadir=<dir> Specify data directory
-dbcache=<n> Set database cache size in megabytes (default: 25)
-dblogsize=<n> Set database disk log size in megabytes (default: 100)
-timeout=<n> Specify connection timeout (in milliseconds)
-proxy=<ip:port> Connect through socks4 proxy
-dns Allow DNS lookups for addnode and connect
-port=<port> Listen for connections on (default: 7890 or testnet: 7895)
-maxconnections=<n> Maintain at most connections to peers (default: 125)
-addnode=<ip> Add a node to connect to and attempt to keep the connection open
-connect=<ip> Connect only to the specified node
-listen Accept connections from outside (default: 1)
-detachdb Detach block and address databases. Increases shutdown time (default: 0)
-testnet Use the test network
-debug Output extra debugging information
-logtimestamps Prepend debug output with timestamp
-printtoconsole Send trace/debug info to console instead of debug.log file
-rpcuser=<user> Username for JSON-RPC connections
-rpcpassword=<pw> Password for JSON-RPC connections
-rpcport=<port> Listen for JSON-RPC connections on (default: 14001 or testnet: 15001)
-rpcallowip=<ip> Allow JSON-RPC connections from specified IP address
-rpcconnect=<ip> Send commands to node running on (default:
-splitshareoutputs=<outputsize> Change the default 10,000 NuShares output size
-blocknotify=<cmd> Execute command when the best block changes (%s in cmd is replaced by block hash)
-upgradewallet Upgrade wallet to latest format
-walletnotify=<cmd> Execute command when a wallet transaction changes (%s in cmd is replaced by TxID)
-keypool=<n> Set key pool size to (default: 100)
-rescan Rescan the block chain for missing wallet transactions
-checkblocks=<n> How many blocks to check at startup (default: 2500, 0 = all)
-checklevel=<n> How thorough the block verification is (0-6, default: 1)
-rpcssl Use OpenSSL (https) for JSON-RPC connections
-rpcsslcertificatechainfile=<file.cert> Server certificate file (default: server.cert)
-rpcsslprivatekeyfile=<file.pem> Server private key (default: server.pem)
-rpcsslciphers=<ciphers> Acceptable ciphers (default: TLSv1+HIGH:!SSLv2:!aNULL:!eNULL:!AH:!3DES:@STRENGTH)
-upnp Use Universal Plug and Play to map the listening port (default: 0)
-? This help message

ifdef QT_GUI

Command Description
-server Accept command line and JSON-RPC commands
-lang=<lang> Set language, for example "de_DE" (default: system locale)
-dnsseed Find peers using DNS lookup (default: 1)
-banscore=<n> Threshold for disconnecting misbehaving peers (default: 100)
-bantime=<n> Number of seconds to keep misbehaving peers from reconnecting (default: 86400)
-maxreceivebuffer=<n> Maximum per-connection receive buffer, \*1000 bytes (default: 10000)
-maxsendbuffer=<n> Maximum per-connection send buffer, \*1000 bytes (default: 10000)


Command Description
-upnp Use Universal Plug and Play to map the listening port (default: 1)

ifdef WIN32

Command Description
-printtodebugger Send trace/debug info to debugger

if !defined(WIN32) && !defined(QT_GUI)

Command Description
-daemon Run in the background as a daemon and accept commands