Historical Data API

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Data API Introduction

Do not use beta software in production

This API is a temporary beta and we advise not to use it in production environment. While we work towards a production-ready API, you can use this for toy projects and experiments.

We have put together a temporary HTTP service to access historical data about the Nu Network. A python script updates the database each time a new block is found, and updates the getliquidityinfo every 30 seconds.

Data API Overview

Base URL : http://nu.mj2p.co.uk/

Parameters : The API accepts three GET parameters:

Parameter Name Description Format
cmd The name of the command to retrieve See list below
frm The date of the earliest record YYYY-MM-DD%20hh:mm:ss
to The date you want to return data up to YYYY-MM-DD%20hh:mm:ss

List of Available Commands

  • getinfo
  • getcustodianvotes
  • getdifficulty
  • getmotions
  • getparkrates
  • getpeerinfo
  • getrawmempool
  • getvote
  • getliquidityinfo
  • getparkvotes

API Usage Examples

Retrieve historical liquidity info specifying the time-range:


Retrieve historical getpeerinfo using smaller timestamps as ‘frm’ and ‘to’ :


Retrieve all historical getcustodianvotes datapoints available