Getting Started With Nu

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So you’re ready to try something Nu? Awesome!

You’ve heard about our $1.00-pegged cryptocurrency and want some stability in your crypto life. First you’re going to need a wallet to hold all your NuBits.

Your Nu Wallet

NuBits Official Wallet (Nu)

You can get the official Nu wallet from It’s available for Windows, Linux, and OS X. This wallet is made with love by the official NuBits development team. We have a video tutorial to help you learn how to send and receive NuBits using the Nu Wallet. Using a bootstrap file will also help you to quickly synchronize your wallet with the Nu Network.

Mobile Wallets

Physical Wallets

Web Wallets

Get NuBits and NuShares

You have a wallet now. Great! Now how do you get NuBits and NuShares?


You can buy NuBits and NuShares on exchanges and then send them to your wallet.

The exchange list is organized alphabetically and does not indicate a preference or endorsement by the Nu community. Cryptoasset trading involves special risks and may not be suitable for everyone.